Sunday, September 5, 2010


As I was driving into town today, I saw a guy seal-coating his driveway: pushing a swab back and forth with some seriously black stuff on the pad. I instantly flashed to my dad doing that on a fairly regular basis at the old homestead. He's been gone almost four years now, but it's moments like these that bring him to mind instantly. It's actually not even a deliberative process. I'll be thinking about something and  some tableau will present itself (sometimes out of the corner of my eye) and my dad pops into my consciousness (happens as well with memories of  my mom).

I'm not sure why I never seal-coated the driveway (I participated in every other preventive maintenance activity around the place: mowing, painting, patching, cleaning, etc., but I didn't. It's possible that my brother got to "assist" with the driveway and saved me the hassle. Sometimes it's a matter of timing and nothing more.

Andrew,  Bob, and Tripp--Christmas 2006
Suffice it to say that I don't care about seal-coating or who did what, when. Anytime I get the chance to relive times with my folks, even it's just in my head,  I'm there.

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