Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Shelf Life of Blogs

This is my second attempt at blogging. The first was a few years back and lasted for about six months until I either got distracted or lost interest. I don't recall the reason I stopped. That effort was focused on the public sector, particularly physical community infrastructure and why things did or didn't happen on a particular project. You can still read it if you're interested, it's called "How Come? If You Don't Ask, You May Never Find Out."

Now that I've begun another blog, I wonder how long I'll stick with it. This one's going to be more personal, but I'm not sure if that will be a better motivator for blog longevity yet. It's only been a couple of weeks. I know there are folks who have multiple blogs, but I don't know how they have the stamina for it. Some probably get paid for their work, but most probably don't.

I'm curious if there are any data that examine the average shelf life of a blog and estimate how many inactive blogs there are in the blogosphere. Conversely, what blogs have endured the longest? I know there are several bloggers in Northfield that have been at it for seven or eight years or longer. That's impressive.

If I really get rolling, maybe I'll pick up "How Come?" again and shine a light of some more recent projects. Or maybe not. After all, that bench on Lincoln Parkway is still there looking as forlorn as ever. It hasn't been repaired yet nor has it been painted.

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